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The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement of many U.S. graduate schools. Our GRE program has been designed to help you develop the English language proficiency and other skills you will need to take the GRE with confidence.

Beginning in August, 2011, ETS began offering a newly formatted GRE. Our preparation program at Tennessee Technological University is designed to prepare you for the revised exam with attention to new types of test questions and revisions in the test format. The TTU campus provides the perfect motivating environment for your GRE preparation program, with over 10,000 college students, extensive facilities, and dozens of stimulating majors offered.

Our intensive program includes a total of 36 teacher-led lessons per week: 18 lessons of integrated study to improve all English skills; 12 lessons devoted to specific GRE strategies and skills and 6 lessons of Academic Workshops for additional language practice and skill development.

Students work with an experienced instructor to hone their ability in the GRE skills of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Practice exams allow instructors to analyze students’ abilities and familiarize students with the test format and strategies.

Please note that students must possess an English fluency of FLS Level 13 or better to enter the GRE Program.

Program Features

All Intensive English Program students enjoy these exceptional features:

  • Eighteen levels of study from low beginner to high advanced.
  • Small class sizes of 15 or less, guaranteeing individual attention from your teacher.
  • Core Class emphasizing the four key language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • GRE Preparation class featuring practice tests, analytics, and concentrated practice in quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical writing.
  • Lab-style Academic Workshop offering a range of academic options each week, including Pronunciation Clinics, Conversation Clubs, Homework Labs, Computer Labs, and more.
  • Our exclusive English Everywhere program with weekly Hot Sheets, involving your host family, activity guides and FLS staff in your learning process.
  • Weekly English tests and individualized progress reports every four weeks.
  • Language Extension Day (LED) activities once per term, encouraging students to use English in new settings and contexts.
  • Readers and novels to increase reading comprehension and understanding of American culture.
  • Access to college computer facilities, libraries and labs at Tennessee Tech University.
  • Access to numerous free activities and specially priced excursions.
  • Certificate of Completion upon successful graduation from each level.
  • Articulation agreements with numerous colleges allowing admission without a TOEFL score based on completion of the designated FLS level.
  • Personalized counseling and academic assistance.