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Application Questions

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Which center is the best for my student to attend?

Each FLS center has a slightly different atmosphere and environment. If your student prefers an environment near a large city and exciting attractions, he or she may prefer Citrus College or Saint Peter’s University. Students who want to be in the middle of a metropolitan environment and experience a historic setting will enjoy our Boston Commons or Chestnut Hill College locations. If your student is looking for a safe, small town feeling and enjoy mild temperatures year-round will like the environment at Saddleback College.

How should I apply?

You can apply via our website, by fax at (626) 795-5564, or by mail at FLS International, 301 North Lake Avenue, Suite 310 Pasadena, USA CA 91101

We recommend that you apply by using our online application form or scanning our application and sending it via e-mail to admissions@fls.net. You can find application forms included with brochures we send to your office, in the back of the Advisor’s Manual, and on our website.

In order for an I-20 to be created, the application must include the student’s permanent address and be accompanied by a copy of the student’s passport photo page and financial documentation showing sufficient funds to support study in the U.S. Applications cannot be processed in full until all documents are present.

FLS will e-mail gross and net invoices to your office, and we will send the I-20 form, if required, to you by express mail. if you do not want to use fls’ express mail service, please indicate this on the application.

Can I use my own agency’s application form?

If your agency has their own application form, you may use that form instead of the FLS application. please be advised that the application must include all of the information we need in order to process. in the case that it does not, our admissions staff will contact you if any information that we need is not included in your form.

What documents do I need to send?

The minimum information we need in order to issue an I-20 form and send an invoice to you are:

  • a completed application
  • a copy of the information page of student’s passport (scan is fine)
  • the student’s gender and birthdate
  • the student’s home permanent address
  • the student’s country of citizenship and country of birth
  • the student’s financial documentation (scan is fine)

How do I provide a financial statement?

With the application, proof that access to sufficient funds to meet living expenses and tuition at FLS international is available ($3,000.00/4-week term). this will also need to be presented to the us consulate.

Below are also ways to show ability to support study in the united states:

  • a current personal bank statement or an original letter from a bank, in english; or
  • both a letter/affidavit of support from parents or other source of support stating they will be responsible for expenses during the time at FLS international, and a bank statement (or bank letter) verifying their financial ability to meet these expenses; or
  • a letter guaranteeing financial support from an employer.

Do I need to send an application fee with the documents?

As a service to our representatives, the application fee does not need to accompany the student’s application. The application fee may be paid when the student’s tuition and housing fees are paid.

When can my student begin his or her program?

For your students’ convenience, FLS’ suggested starting dates are every four weeks. You should try to submit the application at least three weeks before the starting date your student desires, or four weeks before the desired date if your student requires a letter of conditional acceptance.

What if my student cannot begin on one of the suggested starting dates?

To be as flexible as possible for your students, FLS will accept students on any monday. if the student arrives on a tuesday or wednesday, they will be charged a full week of tuition and housing, and will be expected to attend classes. if the student arrives thursday through saturday, fls will charge for the appropriate number of extra nights, but will not charge a tuition fee.

How long will a student need to study before entering college?

The amount of time your student will need to study english will vary based on the student’s current english ability, the individual rate of progress and how serious the student is about his or her studies. many students who enter the program with a beginning knowledge of english are able to transfer to college/university after approximately 4-6 months of intensive study. to make a better estimate of the amount of time your student will need to study, we suggest your student take our online proficiency test on our website.

I-20 and Visa Questions

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How long does it take to get an I-20?

FLS international is authorized under united states federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. after you send in the complete application materials (including financial statement, application, any requested supporting documents, and the application fee) fls will issue an I-20 within 24 hours, following review and confirmation of eligibility. fls will send the I-20 to you by express mail, if requested and should arrive in your office within 2-3 days after you sent the application to fls, assuming we have all the necessary information to process the I-20.

How does my student get a visa?

All F-1 visa applicants have to pay a $200.00 sevis fee before their visa interview. the student must take the I-20 form, ds-160 form (visa application), visa application fee receipt, sevis fee receipt, passport, photograph, acceptance letter, letter to the embassy, and financial information to the american embassy or consulate closest to you. the student should be prepared to have an interview with an american immigration officer. please note that students should plan to visit the embassy or consulate as far in advance as possible to avoid potential delays.

Invoice, Payment, and Commission Questions

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Do you send an agent and student invoice?

Within 24 hours of receiving the application from your office, we will send you a GROSS and NET invoice by e-mail.

How do I collect my commission?

For immediate commission compensation, we recommend you collect the GROSS amount from the student and pay the NET fees to FLS 30 days before the program start date. Otherwise, if the student may pay the GROSS fees to FLS, you should send an invoice to us for owed commission, and we will send your commission payment within 30-60 days of the student’s arrival and full payment of fees.

Can a student pay part of his program fee now and part later? Do you have a monthly payment plan?

FLS prices are designed so that the longer a student studies at FLS, the greater the discount. For this reason, we generally do not permit a payment plan after a student arrives. If you wish, however, we can arrange a payment plan so that the student’s fees are paid over time before arrival in the United States.

How do I make payments?

You may make payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), wire transfer, US bank checks, postal money orders, cashier's check, or traveler's checks. All payments must be made in US funds.Please make all payments payable to FLS International. If you send traveler's checks, please be sure to sign in both signature spaces.

When must I pay?

Payment is requested 30 days prior to the student’s arrival. Payments are due in full, no later than, the first day of classes/orientation.

How do I pay by credit card?

Please complete the necessary sections of the admission application. This form will request credit card information, cardholder's name, card number, expiration date, and authorized signature. It is requested to list the specific fees and total amount we are authorized to charge the card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX.

Please Note: For group payments please add 2% for service fees on all credit card payments.

How do I pay by wire transfer?

When you send wire transfer payment, please also send a fax or e-mail to the attention of the Accounting Department at (626) 795-5564, your FLS marketing representative, or FLS@fls.net. Please indicate the student's name, the date, the amount of the transfer, and the invoice number. By including this information, you will help us to identify the funds and process the payment more efficiently.

FLS Bank Wire Transfer Information

FLS International will accept your funds via wire transfer. Please call a FLS representative, or your agent, to make your fee payments today.

Wire transfer information is also included on the GROSS and NET invoices we send to you.

University Placement and Transfer Questions

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Will someone help my student transfer to an American college or university?

Yes, one of our administrative staff members will be able to help your student with all of the necessary paperwork and preparation leading up to college transfer. FLS International enjoys strong and cooperative relationships with many American colleges and universities.

Will my student be able to take the TOEFL test?

FLS Boston Commons is an official Internet-Based TOEFL (IBT) test centers, for students’ convenience. The results of the test are accepted by colleges and universities around the world.

Can my student transfer to the FLS host colleges and universities?

Yes, our staff can help your student transfer to our host institutions. Your student will need to complete an advanced level of study in our program or achieve the appropriate TOEFL score.

Do you offer Conditional Acceptance?

FLS International can provide Conditional Acceptance to our host colleges and to many other colleges and universities in the United States. Students who qualify for Conditional Acceptance will receive a Letter of Conditional Acceptance from the college or university.

How do I apply for Conditional Acceptance?

Conditional Acceptance is provided through our Universal Placement Program (UPP) division. UPP offers conditional and full admission to over 200 programs in the US. Please contact UPP directly at (626) 914-4877 or by e-mail at info@uppcolleges.com for current forms, admission procedures, and fees. Most UPP services are available at no charge to FLS students who study for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Housing Questions

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What kind of housing is available?

All of our centers offer homestay accommodation with an American family. Some centers also offer dormitory accommodation or student apartments. Homestay accommodation is highly recommended. It is a great chance to see how Americans live and to gain practice in building English fluency.

When will I find out about my student’s homestay family?

We supply the details of the host family two weeks before the student’s expected arrival date. We will let you know the names of the host parents and what their occupation is, if there are any children or pets in the home, and other details about the home.

Can my student take housing for a short period of time and then extend housing?

Students who choose this option should understand that there is no guarantee that they will be able to remain in the same family. As in a hotel, our housing staff books rooms for future guests based on when the room is scheduled to be available. Students who wish to extend their housing are encouraged to reserve and pay for the extension at least thirty days prior to the end of their current housing reservation.

What if my student does not get along with his or her new host family?

Don't worry! Most FLS host families have hosted many students before and are very experienced in helping new students get adjusted to their new circumstances. However, sometimes personality differences or other problems arise. If your student wishes to change to a new host family, please let us know within the first week of his or her stay, if possible. If you let us know within the first week, we will be able to move your student to a new homestay at no extra charge.

Your student may also change homestays at any time after the first week, but there will be a transfer fee of $200.00. They must also give their homestay family at least 15 days’ notice. We encourage all students to try working out small problems and disagreements with their host family before considering a move.

What about pre and post program night accommodations?

FLS package prices include accommodation for the Sunday night preceding the student’s program start date (Monday). In addition, after the program concludes on a Friday that evening’s accommodation is included as well. All other nights, both pre and post program, require an additional charge.

What if my students want to take a vacation?

Students on F-1 visas are allowed to take a vacation after 4 terms (16 weeks) of study. Vacations are not allowed for students studying less than 4 terms. Vacation must be approved by the Center Director and should be taken in 4 week increments. Please note that students are responsible for the cost of any FLS arranged housing while on vacation.

Questions about Changing Enrollment Details

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Can a student extend his or her studies?

Students may extend their studies at any time. Students who wish to extend their studies should speak with the Director at the FLS School they are attending.

Can I receive commission when my students extend?

FLS pays you commission when your students extend. Commission will be paid to you within 30 days of receiving payment from the student.

How much do extensions cost?

Student extensions are generally calculated at the rate the student paid for his or her original program. For example, a student who registers for a 20-week program and wishes to extend for 4 additional weeks will receive his extension pro-rated at the 20-week program price.

In the event a student extends for a new program longer than his or her original program, the student will receive the discounted price for the longer program.

Can a student shorten his program after arriving in the United States?

After a student has arrived in the United States they may shorten their program, but the FLS refund policy applies. If a student needs to shorten the program at FLS, it is best if you contact us before the student leaves the country. If you contact us before arrival in the US, students may shorten the program without penalty.

Can a student change his program after arriving in the United States?

Students who have already started their FLS program and wish to change to a program with fewer hours of study per week (for example, from Intensive English to Vacation English) are not eligible for a refund on any unused hours of tuition.

Questions about Refunds

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Can a student get a refund if he or she has to cancel?

If an applicant accepted by FLS cancels prior to the start of scheduled classes, FLS will refund all monies paid, to the payer, less any actual housing costs incurred by FLS and a maximum total of $500.00 identified non-refundable charges including any application, registration, and courier fees.

If an applicant accepted by FLS enters the United States on an I-20 obtained through FLS and subsequently never attends class (no show), FLS will retain:

  • For a program of less than 12 weeks, all the tuition charges for up to four weeks of the first term, actual housing costs incurred by FLS, and a maximum total of $500.00 identified non-refundable charges including any application, registration, and courier fees, if such charges are clearly noted in the enrollment agreement as being non-refundable. FLS will refund all monies due, to the payer.
  • For a program of 12 weeks or more, all the tuition charges for up to six weeks of the first term/session, any actual housing costs incurred by FLS and a maximum total of $500.00 identified non-refundable charges including any application, registration, and courier fees, if such charges are clearly noted in the enrollment agreement as being non-refundable. FLS will refund all monies due, to the payer.

What if my student has already started his or her program and has to cancel?

Students who have already started studies at FLS and have to terminate after beginning the program are in many cases able to obtain a partial refund. The amount of the refund will be determined by the type of program and how much of the program has been completed. In these cases, FLS will work directly with the student to calculate the amount of the refund. Please see 'General Policies' for more detailed information. FLS will refund all monies due, to the payer.

What if my student decides to cancel his or her housing but continues the program?

No refunds will be given for the first four weeks of accommodation. If 25% or less of the program has been completed 50% of the unused accommodation portion will be refunded. If more than 25% and less than 50% has been completed, 25% of the unused accommodation portion will be refunded. If 50% or more of the program has been completed, no accommodation refund will be made. FLS will refund all monies due, to the payer.

Arrival and First Day Questions

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Can my student arrive before the start date?

F-1 student visa holders may arrive in the United States up to 30 days before the scheduled start date. However, if your student plans to move into his or her accommodation prior to the Sunday before the scheduled start date, the student will need to pay the additional daily fee required for the extended length of stay.

What should my student bring from home?

It's a good idea to bring some of the toiletry items used in the home country, such as shampoo, toothpaste, etc. since he or she may not be able to buy the same brands in America. Your student may want some books and music in native language, since these items will also be hard to find. Many students find a translating dictionary from English into their native language to be very helpful. In addition, students coming in the wintertime will want to bring plenty of warm clothes if they are going to Boston, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey. During the summer, many of the locations can get very warm (especially Las Vegas) – bring cool, comfortable clothing.

Will someone meet my student at the airport?

Yes. Our airport pick-up service must be requested on the student’s application. One of our staff members will meet your student at the airport. The driver will be holding a sign displaying the FLS logo. Your student will be transferred directly to our center or host family. The cost for the airport pick-up service varies from center to center. Please check the exact fees in this manual and on our website.

What will happen on the first day of the program?

On this day, your student will receive a tour of the campus and local area, along with an overview of the FLS Student Handbook. Your student will meet the staff members of the center and take a placement test which will help us determine the best level of English study for the student.

Will my student be able to use the facilities at the college or university? Will my student have Internet access?

Each college campus makes its facilities available for FLS students. Depending upon the campus, the facilities include the library, language lab, computer rooms, sports facilities, cafeteria, lounges, and more. Each college is equipped with computers featuring access to the Internet and your student may send and receive e-mail.

When will my student be able to check into their accommodation?

Students are expected to arrive at their housing on the Sunday before their program begins. We strongly recommend students use our transfer service. Students that use the FLS transfer service will be checked in upon arrival as part of this service. If students choose not to use our transfer service:

For homestay, students are responsible for communicating their arrival time with the host family. Students should arrive between 2:00 – 9:00 p.m. the Sunday before their program begins. For students that use our transfer service, FLS will communicate and arrange the arrival and check-in with the host family.

For apartment and dormitory, students must check-in at the FLS office during regular business hours. Check-in will not be available in the evening or on weekends. Students checking-in on Friday will be charged two extra nights of accommodation. If arriving on a Sunday, student will not be able to check-in and will forfeit payment of first night.

Students are expected to leave their housing by 12:00 p.m. on the day after their program ends. Students who request to leave housing after 12:00 p.m. on Saturday should note that such requests are not guaranteed, and if granted will incur an additional housing charge.

General Questions

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Will my student be able to enjoy the local attractions?

FLS schools have 3-5 excursions per week to all of the major attractions in the local area, including amusement parks, beaches, historic sites, shopping centers, museums, and more. Most of the excursions are held in the evening or on weekends. Several activities are offered for free or a very low price. The variety and excitement of the attractions will be one of your student’s favorite parts of our program.

Will my students be able to meet American students at your centers?

Six of the seven FLS International centers are located on school campuses. This means that your students will have many opportunities to meet and interact with American students. Your students will also come into close contact with Americans through their experience in the homestay or dormitory. We encourage all students to take an active part in campus life. Our two city-center locations are in vibrant downtown areas, providing your students with many opportunities to interact with Americans.