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Boston Commons & Fisher College

Campus Profile

Boston gal

Located right in downtown Boston, our center offers a cosmopolitan experience in one of America's premier cities. The center's modern facilties offer students all the tools they need for an exceptional educational experience. Our center overlooks the Boston Common public park and is situated between the campuses of several colleges and universities. Students will enjoy studying in our comfortable student lounge, or taking their textbooks outside for study groups on the expansive Boston Commons lawn.

Campus Facilities

  • Computer Lab
    Offering students internet access and word processing tools, our computer lab is perfect for students doing research for class or simply checking their email.
  • Student Lounge
    With comfy sofas and plenty of table space, the student lounge is the perfect place to relax for some reading, have a quick snack, or catch up with your friends.
  • Library
    Offering a selection of course-related books as well as books for casual reading, the library provides students additional space for reading and study after class.

Housing Options


A homestay is a great way to experience American culture while improving your English ability! All of our centers offer homestay accommodation with American families individually selected by FLS. With your host family you'll learn about American daily life, practice English on a regular basis and participate in many aspects of American culture that visitors often don't get to see.

International Guest House (Residence)

Downtown residence accommodation offers flexibility and independence with access to facilities and is a great way to make friends and live like an American college student!

Waverly Apartments (Residence)

The Waverly Apartments offer apartment-style accommodations in Cambridge near the banks of the Charles River just minutes from FLS by subway.

(Limited availability applies to International Guest House and Waverly Apartments. Please contact us to inquire about availability before booking.)

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