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Chestnut Hill College

Campus Profile

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FLS is located on the campus of Chestnut Hill College in northwest Philadelphia’s quaint Chestnut Hill neighborhood. A private Catholic school, the college was founded in 1924 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The beautiful campus includes striking Gothic structures, like St. Joseph Hall, a chapel, tennis courts, a soccer field and a pool house.

Campus Facilities

  • Academic Computer Center
    Offering students internet access and word processing tools, our computer lab is perfect for students doing research for class or simply checking their email.
  • Logue Library
    Offering a selection of course-related books as well as books for casual reading, the library provides students additional space for reading and study after class.
  • Student Lounge
    With comfy sofas and plenty of table space the student lounge is the perfect place to relax for some reading, have a quick snack, or catch up with your friends.

Housing Options


A homestay is a great way to experience American culture while improving your English ability! All of our centers offer homestay accommodation with American families individually selected by FLS. With your host family you'll learn about American daily life, practice English on a regular basis and participate in many aspects of American culture that visitors often don't get to see.

Residence Halls

Chestnut Hill’s safe and secure residence halls are housed in several buildings on the beautiful Chestnut Hill campus and offer all the comforts of home. A variety of shared rooming options are available. Students enjoy access to amenities such as a TV lounge and game room. (Limited availability. Please contact us to inquire about availability before booking. Not available May-August.)

Residence in the dormitory requires proof of immunization, as follows:

  • Two doses of Varicella vaccine (Chicken Pox) or history of infection
  • Two doses of MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine or history of infection
  • One dose of the
    • DPT vaccine
    • Hepatitis B
    • Meningitis
    • TB test

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