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English + Volunteering

FLS offers ESL students a wonderful way to practice their new English skills while immersing themselves in American society by volunteering at local charities and community service centers. Join other FLS students as they perfect their conversational English while helping others! Here are some of the oportunities you will enjoy at FLS Boston Common:

  • Teen Center
  • Chestnut Hill Elementary School
  • Chestnut Hill Hostpital

Pathways + Credit

The FLS Pathway+Credit program lets students begin earning credit in Engineering, Education, or General Studies while also studying English. Our students jump ahead and save money by taking for-credit transferrable credit they can apply to their studies at TTU, or any US university.

Tennessee Tech University is one of the most affordable universities in the US. Its Engineering, Science, and Math programs are nationally ranked. At the same time, small classes and outstanding instructors help students excel. In addition to the university’s academic excellence, students enjoy the university’s safe and friendly atmosphere. TTU students have successfully gone on to further their studies at institutions including Rhodes College, Vanderbilt University, and Duke University.
Learn more about the Pathways + Credit program by visting the Pathways + Credit landing page:

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