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The key to a successful future starts with acceptance into the right school. Through the programs offered at FLS International, students who might have difficulty gaining acceptance from their preferred schools can benefit from college placement into top universities so that they have the greatest educational tools to help them advance.

The Universal Placement Program (UPP) , in partnership with FLS, has helped thousands of students with college placement. As a result, they gained acceptance into some of the best private high schools, colleges, and universities in the USA through a simple and fast application service. UPP placement advisors work closely with students to help them find the right schools and reach their educational goals in the fastest, most effective way possible.


With a vast selection of partner schools, UPP can find the right fit for any student looking for university placement.

Free Placement Services

Students who enroll in an FLS Intensive English Program for 8 weeks or more receive UPP Regular or ASY Placement Service for one U.S. school for FREE!

Simple Application Process

The UPP Application Form is used to apply to hundreds of great schools throughout the United States for fast and easy university placement. In fact, school acceptance through the UPP program is faster and easier than through any other method. Advisors work closely with school admissions staff throughout the application and placement process to get students quickly accepted to the school of their choice.

Conditional Admission to College and University

Many UPP colleges, universities and graduate programs offer conditional admission to students before they reach the required English proficiency level allowing students to enter their ESL program confident in their future educational path. Conditional admission is the best way for many students to get their foot in the door of the right college.

No TOEFL Exam Required for College Admission

FLS International students are able to get accepted to many UPP colleges and universities without taking the TOEFL exam. College and university placement has never been easier!

Guaranteed School Acceptance

UPP guarantees acceptance to at least one of their partner schools for any student.

High School Placement

The US is world-renowned for its secondary educational system. UPP proudly offers a robust high school placement program with great schools on both coasts and select cities in-between. Our network of private high schools offer comprehensive programs for all types of students with a focus on college placement. Options include both International Baccalaureate (IB) schools as well as traditional high schools offering a full cohort of AP classwork. Our high schools can accept students for anything from one year programs all the way up to the full 4-year high school experience.

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