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Earn your American High School degree from Penn Foster High School!

Available to students in advanced levels, our high school completion program, in cooperation with Penn Foster, provides assistance in obtaining a high school diploma. Students also benefit from a daily Academic Workshop. Students can receive High School credit or complete their High School studies and receive their diploma. The diploma is accredited and accepted by colleges and universities in the United States.

Conveniently located on campuses in Boston and Los Angeles, FLS Innternational offers students an option to complete their High School Diploma and go onto collage. Our very first graduate was able to use his Penn Foster High School diploma to gain acceptance at both Louisiana State University and Auburn University!


  • Student must have completed FLS level 12 (or tested above this level upon arrival)
  • Student must have a laptop (if needed, student can rent one from FLS).
  • Student will study four (4) hours per day in FLS advanced English courses.
  • Student will receive two (2) hours per day of instruction through the Penn Foster system with in-person supervision and support from FLS instructors.

    High school completion