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Pathways + Credit Program:

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Earn college credit while studying English at FLS Chestnut Hill College!

The FLS Pathway+Credit program allows students to earn college credit towards their undergraduate degree while completing their English studies at FLS. Students can save time and money while getting a head start on their college studies. Students can earn credit in Business, Computer Science, and General Studies so that they can finish their degree at Chestnut Hill, or take their transferrable credit to another college or university.

Chestnut Hill College provides a strong transition to the American college experience. Small classes and passionate instructors give students the skills they need to succeed in the American university system. Chestnut Hill students have successfully transferred to competitive universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Drexel University, and Villanova University.

First Semester:

Students must be in FLS Level 12 or higher

Students will Take:

  • FLS Core Class
  • One College Skills Workshop One Academic Elective
  • One 3-credit college course:
  • Business – Macroeconomic Principles (or similar)

    Computer Science – Introduction to Computer Programming (or similar)

    General Ed – Foundations in the Liberal Arts (or similar)

Second Semester:

Students must be in FLS Level 14 or higher

Students will Take:

  • One College Skills Workshop (in place of our usual Academic Workshop)
  • One Academic Elective (Composition or similar) Two 3-credit college courses:
  • Business- Intro to Business, Financial Accounting (or similar)

    Computer Science – Introduction to Data Communications, Introduction to Computer Hardware and Peripherals (or similar)

    General Ed – Western Civilizations, General Psychology (or similar)

Program includes:

  • ESL and college preparation classes

  • For credit college classes

  • ESL texts (students must purchase college texts)

  • Airport Pickup

  • College advising/course selection assistance

  • Special college skills workshop

  • Meeting with college advisor or department chair once per month.

  • Observing college class once per month

  • Twin room homestay

  • Dorm option (for additional fee)